USA Patriot Act

This law requires our credit union to gather and maintain specific information on our members and future members.


  1. IN GENERAL – Subject to the requirements of this subsection, the Secretary of the Treasury shall prescribe regulations setting forth the minimum standards for financial institution and their customers [members] regarding the identity of the customer [member] that shall apply in connection with the opening of an account at a financial institution.
  2. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS – The regulations shall, at a minimum, require financial institutions to implement, and customers [members] (after being given adequate notice) to comply with, reasonable procedures for –
  • (A) Verifying the identity of any person seeking to open an account to the extent reasonable and practicable;
  • (B) Maintaining records of the information used to verify a person’s identity, including name, address, and other identifying information; and
  • (C) Consulting lists of known of suspected terrorists or terrorist organizations provided to the financial institution by any government agency to determine whether a person seeking to open an accounts appears on such a list.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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