Stepping Stone Account

If you’ve ever had trouble with overdrafts, fraud, or getting approved for a checking account, we can help!

A Stepping Stone Account is a special type of savings account that you can use for everyday transactions as preparation for opening a checking account. It offers unique features that are designed to help you succeed financially.

  • Open an account with just $5.00
  • Reloadable prepaid card
  • Free online banking
  • Helpful local service
  • Convenient access through our shared branch and ATM network

Stay Within Budget

You’ll receive a reloadable card with EMV chip protection as part of your account. This gives you the convenience of using a debit or credit card, without the stress of worrying whether there’s enough money available in your account to cover purchases or the risk running up a balance you can’t pay off. Just load whatever amount you want onto your card, use it for daily purchases, and reload your card when it runs low on funds.

Keep Track of Your Money

Online banking and e-statements help you keep track of your money both daily and monthly. Having online access to your account information makes it easy to get in the habit of monitoring your card balance, plus you’ll be able to add more funds to your reloadable card quickly. With e-statements, you can review each month’s account activity securely. Please note that online bill pay is not available with this account.

Work Toward a Checking Account

Once you have successfully managed your Stepping Stone Account for 6 months with no bounced deposits and no transactions declined for insufficient funds, you may be eligible to open a checking account with us!

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